capture video
highlights in seconds

higgo smartphone app

  • Connect multiple smartphone
cameras into one video stream

  • Tag your highlights
    while you’re recording

  • Combine all tags into one
great nugget of highlights

Tag highlights as

they happen

Create a list of tags for an event and use these 
to tag the highlights in your recording as it happens.

It’s that simple!

When your mate finally makes that awesome 
Backside Flip, you simply add the live tag 
‘Backside Flip’, and the highlights has been
 saved - easy to find!

Record from multiple devices
- at the same time!

Because it such an awesome trick and you have been waiting for it all morning, you want the highlight to be as perfect as possible. With higgo you can connect multiple devices to shoot the action from any angle, making sure you get the complete action!

The connected cameras are all merged into one feed on your device, from where you can manage it.

Generate a nugget of highlights!
Try it now

After a great day at the skatepark you want to combine all the highlights into one video - no problem!

With a single click the job is done, and you have a beautiful video with all the tagged highligts from the day - ready to share with friends.